AMD Ryzen 9 VPS Hosting

Pure Linux shell with 100+ Tbps of L3/L4 DDoS protection.

Power users will love our high-performance, dedicated CPU virtual private servers. Perfect for those who want full control over their server without compromising on hardware. Take advantage of our latest AMD Ryzen 9 CPUs with Cloudflare Magic Transit DDoS Protection and elevate your VPS experience today.

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Ryzen 9 chip render
Dedicated KVM Resources

Utilizing KVM Virtualization, you can ensure that you have full access to your resources 24/7. Unlike other providers, we don't have a fair-usage policy regarding CPU use since we dedicate resources to each customer with zero overselling.

Virtualizor Control Panel

Manage your VPS from our user-friendly Virtualizor control panel. Easily re-install your operating system, view statistics, reset passwords, and more! You can even use browser-based SSH and VNC clients to conveniently access your VPS from anywhere at any time.

Multiple OS Choices

We offer multiple versions of the most popular Linux distributions - Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS. Looking to install something else? You can easily upload your own ISO and install any Operating System you want through our control panel.

Gaming-Grade Hardware

Upgrade your experience with a Bloom VPS powered by AMD Ryzen 9 CPUs. You won't find outdated enterprise processors here - all of our plans offer superior single-core performance. Perfect for running game servers or other high-performance workloads.

We do more than the competition for less

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Dedicated CPU Cores
Free DDoS Protection with improvements Our entire network is protected by full-time Cloudflare Magic Transit DDoS protection with over 100Tbps of L3/L4 mitigation capacity.
CPU Model Ryzen 3950X Ryzen 3900X Ryzen 3950X Ryzen 3900X Ryzen Ryzen 3900X Ryzen 3800X
NVMe Storage 120 GB 160 GB 120 GB 120 GB 120 GB 75 GB 104 GB
Bandwidth 4 TB Unmetered 10 TB Unmetered 8 TB 5 TB Unmetered
Price for 8GB
$22/mo. $30/mo. $40/mo. $28/mo. $25.60/mo. $36.59/mo. $40/mo.
Performance VPS KVM Slice Standard VPS Standard VPS Premium VPS AMD Ryzen VPS Ryzen VPS
Comparison data accurate as of November 1st, 2021

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This service is for advanced users. If you are not interested in a Linux command-line style interface, please check out our managed Minecraft hosting here.
CPU: Ryzen 9 3950X
CPU: Ryzen 9 5950X
Upgrade to get up to 20% more performance!