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Server Splitter - make a network in seconds

Our custom server splitter tool allows you to create an entire network, all from a single plan! No longer do you need to purchase multiple plans just to setup the network your community deserves. With our server splitter, you can create additional Minecraft servers, web servers, Discord bots, and even other types of games!

Easy to switch your server & databases

We've made it easy for you to transfer your files from an existing host with our custom Server Importer and Database Importer tools. Simply input your S/FTP or MySQL details to quickly and easily import your existing servers and databases.

Made a mistake? Our backups keep you safe

We built a custom backup solution from the ground up that allows you to create deduplicated and incremental backups. This means backups of your entire server can take minutes, and not hours. This also allows you to mount your backup as a folder in your file manager, so you can easily restore individual files or folders with a click of a button.

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Additional features

MySQL Database Support
Friendly Scheduling System
Subusers & Permissions
Searchable Audit Logs
User-managed Ports
Built-in Reverse Proxy
Subdomain Manager
SFTP Access
User-managed Startup Flags
Java Selector
Download from URL
Automatic Log Uploading

We do more than the competition for less

Bloom Host DedicatedMC Bisect Hosting Shockbyte HeavyNode PebbleHost Apex Hosting
Dedicated CPU Cores
Create multiple servers (?) Our unique Server Splitter tool allows you to create multiple servers with just a single plan. No longer are you limited to one type of server (or even one type of game). With Bloom, you have the freedom to create an entire network of servers at no additional cost.
Free dedicated IP
Free user-managed off-site backups with improvements Our custom-built backup system is based off Borg, providing super fast incremental backups. In addition, it allows you to mount your backup to your file manager so you can one-click restore individual files/folders.
Free reverse proxy
Price for 8GB
$16/mo. $24/mo. $40/mo. $20/mo. $22/mo. $33/mo. $40/mo.
Performance Plan Premium Plan Premium Plan Emerald Plan Premium Plan Extreme Plan Standard Plan
Comparison data accurate as of July 8th, 2021
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