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Introducing DuckPanel

DuckPanel is our feature-rich, fast and reliable panel featuring a variety of powerful features to give our Server Owners the ultimate control of their server. All this coupled with a user-friendly interface topped with a slick, clean and custom Bloom theme.


The console page provides you with a complete overview of your server, from what's happening in-game to allocation usages.

    Key Features
  • A clear button to clean your console window of old messages.
  • A popout button that displays your console in a new fullscreen window.
  • Clear and concise usage graphs for visual, realtime updates, displaying Memory, CPU and Network usages.
  • A copy IP and server ID button to make it easier when distributing. You'll need your server ID for support tickets!

File Manager

Access and manage all your server files directly from our panel, with SFTP support for larger operations.

    Key Features
  • Download from URL allows you to directly download a file or project without the need of relying on your upload speed!
  • Mass actions to give you ease when executing an action on multiple directories/files.


Create, manage and import/export databases directly from our panel, with external programs such as HeidiSQL supported for direct table management.

    Key Features
  • Import an existing database to smoothly transition your data, without loss.
  • Export any database to store or use the data contained.


Run actions reliably and efficiently with our powerful scheduling system. Execute a range of actions such as regular restarts or server backups.

    Key Features
  • Temporarily disable any schedule without the need of deleting it. Useful for debugging!
  • Create multiple tasks under one schedule to keep everything ordered.
  • Edit any task quickly and easily.
  • View a log of all run tasks, even if they fail.


Control who can access your server with a flexible permissions system to limit what a sub-user can do.

    Key Features
  • Select and edit individual or mass permissions per user to keep close control.


Take a backup of your server at anytime with one easy click! We'll store your backup safely and securely off-site, for you to download or restore at any point.

    Key Features
  • Exclude certain files or directories from inclusion in the backup.
  • Restore a backup directly to your server at any point. This will extract all the files within the backup.

Ports and Proxies

Easily open any port or setup a reverse proxy yourself, whenever you want!

    Key Features
  • Open any port you need, whenever you need it!
  • Setup a reverse proxy using any of your open ports for use of a user-friendly domain, such as


Deploy your own dedicated domain to use when connecting to your server.

    Key Features
  • Ability to setup a domain without needing to pay for your own!

Bloom Exclusive!

Server Splitter

Our most innovative and powerful feature at Bloom is our server splitter. Allowing you to deploy sub-servers using resources you allocate from your main server.

    Key Features
  • Deploy not only other Minecraft servers, but Discord bots and other game servers!
  • Decide the memory and disk allocations of any sub-server, with the ability to edit them at any time! These allocations are deducated from your main server and returned when you delete the sub-server.
  • Set the default port of any sub-server anytime.
  • Swap over your main server with any of your sub-servers!
  • Change over the server type of any sub-server at any point.

Bloom Exclusive!

Server Importer

Transferring to Bloom? Use our server importer to transfer files from anywhere via (S)FTP. No need to upload yourself!

    Key Features
  • Cancel the importation process at any stage.
  • Easily delete existing files to make way for the imported files by selecting "Delete Files" before starting.

Startup Parameters

Maintain ultimate control over your server with the ability to edit your startup parameters, as well as your RAM percentage and Java version, with the ability to revert these at any point.

    Key Features
  • Change your Java version or RAM percentage.
  • Easily add or remove certain parameters to your startup line.

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