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A Plan for Every Need

Essentials Performance Performance+
CPU Model Ryzen 9 3900/3900X Ryzen 9 3900/3950X Ryzen 9 5950X
CPU Type 2 Logical Cores (Shared) 2-8 Logical Cores (Dedicated) 2-8 Logical Cores (Dedicated)
NVMe SSD Storage 60GB-100GB 120GB-480GB 150GB-600GB
Create Multiple Servers
Free Dedicated IP ($2/mo extra)
DDoS Protection
Aikar's Optimized Flags
Advanced Off-site Backups (3 slots) (5 slots) (10 slots)
MySQL Databases (10) (10) (10)
$10/mo. (4GB Plan) $18/mo. (8GB Plan) $24/mo. (8GB Plan)
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