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Frequently Asked Questions

At Bloom, we're absolutely committed to delivering 110%. We boast extremely powerful hardware for an incredibly affordable price, with no overselling or limits. Layered on top of this, we're protected by Cloudflare® Magic Transit DDoS Mitigation, which makes us an unbeatable host.
There are absolutely no limits to your usage. All our plans feature fully dedicated CPU and RAM, allowing them to utilise them however you please.
You can view our locations and how to ping them here.
Yes. Our waitlist allows you to reserve a spot for when a space opens up on one of our nodes. You will not have to make any payment until it's your turn. You can join our waitlist Discord here. New Customers: Please register for an account on our billing panel here. When it's your turn, we'll generate an invoice for you and notify you in your waitlist ticket. Existing Customers: If you already have a server, we can easily transfer this to the new node. If the transfer is an upgrade or downgrade, we'll generate a pro-rated upgrade charge or downgrade credit. If your plan remains the same, it'll simply be a transfer. We'll always ping you in your ticket and give you 24 hours to respond when it's your turn. You may cancel your waitlist spot at anytime.

VPS Specific Questions

A VPS comes with a barebones installation of Linux, though you can choose from several popular distributions during checkout, and similarly you can change this at anytime via our VPS panel. You will receive shell and VNC access.
Our VPS plans are completely unmanaged, meaning that it is your responsibility for installing, updating and managing software/game servers. Please bare this in mind before purchasing a VPS – we offer a managed service with live chat support for our Minecraft plans.
We do not limit what you're able to do on your VPS, so long that it conforms with our Terms of Service and United States law. and United States. You can see more information in our terms of service.
Our VPS plans are completely unmanaged, meaning our only responsibility is to keep your VPS online, otherwise we cannot offer support.

Minecraft Specific Questions

We support a variety of mod packs which can be easily installed through our custom mod pack installer. If you’re unable to find a mod pack on our installer, you can simply download it from an external source and upload the pack directly, from here you can then change over the .jar in your startup parameters. Our team is happy to assist you.
You can change the framework and version easily by simply uploading the new .jar to your files and then changing this in your startup parameters.
We support Java 8, 11 and 16 which you can change at anytime through our custom panel.
We have a custom feature which allows you to open any port you require. The beauty of having a dedicated IP address means you never have to share your IP or ports with anyone else – therefore allowing you to specify any port you want.
Yes. We have an in-built server importer system that allows you to easily and automatically transfer your server via STFP. Our team are happy to assist you.
Bloom uses a customized version of the Pterodactyl panel. You can see a showcase and description of our panel here.
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