Frequently Asked Questions

A Bloom VPS is like having your own dedicated server. You have full control and root access to do whatever you want. Want to install three different types of Minecraft servers? Go ahead. Want to install a Terraria server or Rust server as well? Perfectly possible. With single-game shared hosting, you are limited to what your host decides.
When you are checking out, you can pick which version of Linux you want as your operating system. We currently offer several of the most popular distributions that are compatible with most game servers. When you recieve your Bloom VPS, you will have shell and VNC access to your freshly-installed operating system. From there, you are free to do as you wish.
Bloom's Virtual Private Servers are unmanaged. This means that while we are responsible for keeping your server up and running, you are responsible for installing and configuring the server to your liking. However, we are happy to install any game server that you like. Just choose the option at checkout and pay a small one-time fee.
With Bloom, there are absolutely no limits to your usage. Our plans feature fully dedicated CPU and RAM, allowing you to use them however you please, as much as you please.
Yes, all of our plans include weekly automatic backups of your server to an offsite storage location. In addition to the automatic backups, the included plan allows you to make 2 manual backups and perform 4 manual restores per month. Want more control for peace of mind? You can upgrade your backup plan to unlimited manual backups and restores for only $3/month.

While we make every effort to maintain and provide these backups, is not responsible for any data loss. Please make sure that in addition to our backup service you are making regular backups on your own.
We don't limit you from doing certain things like running media servers, storage servers, or even legal adult content. There are other expressively prohibited activities related to malicious activity, but in most cases if it's legal in the United States, we're cool with it. You can see more information in our terms of service.